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Dr. Melissa Oleson PT, DPT, E-RYT, CDNT

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Bachelor of Nutritional Science

  • Certified Dry Needling Therapist

  • Registered Yoga Teacher RYT 200

  • Integrative Nutritional Health Coach 

  • Working toward RYT 500 hours with Yoga Medicine

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My Story

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Hi, I’m Melissa and I am passionate about helping others feel their best self, whether that is through finding the root cause of their aches and pains or by making positive nutrition and lifestyle changes. I love running, traveling, getting outside, nerding out and learning as much as I can about all things wellness, and getting my yoga on (those are my self-care “must haves,” plus a good chai latte).

I had always considered myself a healthy individual because I exercised and tried to eat well. Looking back, I was obsessed with exercising, counted my calories, was not getting enough sleep, and the stress started to build up in my body. All of this was taking a toll on my body, I was tired all of the time, and knew something needed to change. I needed to listen to my body. I used my experience as a PT, yoga instructor and health coach to slowly start making small changes so that I could live the life I love. Over the years, my runs have slowly changed from everyday to a few times a week and sometimes they are walks. My previous calorie counting has turned into eating what fuels my body best, leaving me feeling my best. I started a sleep routine, that I stick with most of the time and I can truly say that I am now living my best life.

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I’ve been helping people like you reduce their pain and move better as a physical therapist since 2009. Over the years, I’ve been helping people:

  • Return to their activities

  • Get back to their daily routines

  • Improve their functional movements

  • Gain mobility, stability, & strength

  • Reduce their stress

  • Sleep more soundly

  • Reduce their pain

    all by focusing on each individual’s needs and looking at the person as a whole.  

Early on in my work, I started noticing an increase in anxiety, depression, auto-immune disorders, and just stressed-out people who were not getting enough sleep (sleep plays a huge part in the healing process). I wanted to learn new strategies to help people feel their best possible self, to live the life they love and love the life they live. I started to combine my yoga background and physical therapy experience and quickly noticed the significant impact it was making! People had tools to help with the hectic demands of their days. The breathing techniques and mindful movement coupled with the manual physical therapy skills were helping my patients, but I still thought there was more to learn.

I have always taken a holistic, whole-body approach to treating my patients, but thought about the benefits of adding my nutritional background to the mix as well. I knew I needed more training and through my research, found The Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and enrolled to become an Integrative Nutrition Health coach.

My health coaching practice is based off of the concept of bio-individuality ™, coined from IIN, which is the idea that as individuals we all have unique food and lifestyle needs in order to be our healthiest and happiest selves, and that what is good for one individual may not be good for another. My love for health and wellness, combined with my passion for always learning has allowed me to have a number of tools in my toolbox to help you achieve your YOUnique wellness. Thank you for taking the time to read my story! I am so happy you are here, and I look forward to getting to know you!     

MSunn Yoga + Wellness | Melissa Oleson is a Yoga Instructor, Physical Therapist, & Holistic Health Coach Serving NW Washington DC, Montgomery County + Frederick + Clarksburg + New Market + Germantown + Gaithersburg + Urbana Maryland, and Northern Virginia including McClean + Tysons | Specializing in YOUnique Wellness + Online Nutrition Consultations